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November 15, 2013
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Solo ver by Evimo Solo ver by Evimo
This i s just the portrait version without the background. I personally prefer this one.
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Slothiitron Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so gorgeous and now im going through your gallery and I've noticed that EVERYTHING IS GORGEOUS omg youre my new artist inspiration <33
UWAH-- Thank you ;0;

asjdl you're one of those few people that has mentioned that ;v; thank you! I'm glad
to be a inspiration. After reading this my heart was fluttering with joy~ Comments like
these motivate me to paint more.

Thank you!
Slothiitron Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome! 
Sorry for commenting twice btw. Your art just made me so happy-  

Awwwhhe well I've only just started painting and I'm pretty garbage at it so seeing your art gives me something to aim for. Even your chibis are brilliant ahmygosh.
You're so creative with your backgrounds and stuff. How do you do that?? e.e 
Nahh, don't sweat it, it's fine! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ**

No way hun! Of course everyone probably works at different paces and excel at different paces as well.
And everyone was at that place where they are just starting and that's ok cause it gets better!
Already your painting style is really good and I can see a lot of improvement between each submission, so you're
on the right track!

My inspiration as well has tutorials for painting up and I use some tips for most of my artwork!…
You've probably heard of her because she is all over Tumblr.
I actually have a long way to go, and at time I would feel the same and compare
myself to others ;0; Then again there are even more people below your art abilities looking up to you as well! And it's good to set goals,
though I'm not a good example, DON'T AIM FOR ME YOU WILL FAIL LOL.
In my past experiences I've had a lot of inspirations and a lot of goals, I would usually set a minor goal within the end of the month and
it helped me improve a lot. Like, learn to paint bottom perspective by the end of this month, that usually helped me improve really fast.
(Should totally try it!)

And then you think, you know it's not that bad. I'm just starting, I'm still young, and I have a lot of time to improve! And even if you
aren't taking art as a career that's fine! You do whatever you please at a pace you want, either you strive and work hard or just as a hobby.
Personally, art is a really broad topic and hard to explain, what is bad art and what is good art. Unless you're Christopher Hart. Then his art is always bad.

and just as a reminder, you should never try to become someone like I did. I once wanted to draw exactly like this one artist and I had
a horrible time with art and I hated it. It all about making it your own style, and that's the fun part about art! All in all, you're at a good
pace, keep doing what you're doing and I'm so grateful you have you look up to me *v*

Creative background what-- they are all circles. and wow that was long
Slothiitron Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woah, really? D': Thank you so much!! :heart:
I'm kinda at this stage where I just want to try out a whole bunch of different styles and tutorials and improve really quickly but aaGHhgh it's so frustrating because I can't even draw attractive boys and this angers me. orz

Oh my gosh WOW, this is so helpful. I'm drawing some crowned boy thing atm and I'm halfway through coloring but I'm just guna erase it all because I really wana use one of these.
wowwoww thank you so much uwu
I assume this artist uses SAI because that seems to be what all the good artists use. I don't have SAI haha ;v;
Hmm yes, minor goal setting is probably a good idea because at the moment I'm kinda like 'by this time next year im guna draw a really cool painted hot boy and have really cool anatomy' and that doesn't seem to really work out for me HAHA
Does bottom perspective mean perspective from below? //sulks because n00by//

Hmm yeah that's true. I'm just surrounded by great artists at my school (a few of my friends are artists) and I'm just really determined to improve to their level. I need to stop taking on so much at once. I'm trying to improve too quickly and I don't really have one thing to focus and improve on orz
I suppose different people prefer different art styles and whatnot. Unless youre Chrsitopher Hart because no one likes Christopher Hart.

I try not to want to draw like a certain artist because if they notice something similar I'm afraid they'll think I'm tryna steal their style or something and then hate me for it orz
Awwhhe thank youuuuuuu

Yeah but they always have cool designs in them bahaha I couldnt even come up with designs by myself, lul
and thank you so much for this because you've helped me sososososoos much :'D
And that's good! I don't even know what the hecky my style is either.
like whoa animu cartoony or what. kjdlajsdlasj I FEEL YOUR PAIN CHILD.
Don't worry I used to have the hardest time in drawing guys, honestly it's not
easy I shit you not.

Yeah no prob! I used to think pro artists used SAI as well. Honestly anything that you're
comfortable with and you know how to use properly is fine. Since I saw a
few inspirations I had though CS6 is the pro art program. Anything is fine
as long as you can still make art form it ovo 85% of the time I can't see
a difference between the two programs.
I'm sure you'll improve a lot though! I believe in you!

I wish I had irl artist friends xDD Though as the person I am I tend to get
jealous really easily and compare myself to them. I trust you not to fall in the
same situation that I was. Though it is nice to have some competition! I sure
did, it was frustrating but I hope it doesn't ruin any relationships;;

The sole purpose that I'm making art as I am right now is because I got super
jealous of this one girl. She only new how to draw stick figures until the 5th grade
and they drew really really pro art. As a kid I was used to being the best artist
in the class;; envy eventually took over and surpassed her by a little, I soon realized
that she was tracing the whole time. So yeah competition is really good in a way!
It's like the spacecraft gravity intake when they are relatively moving along with the
Earth orbit! I hope that was a good comparison lol.

Mhm, I mean already you're style is really well thought out and looks **sooper rad**
It's a common thing to sometimes adapt those you inspire, so don't worry.
I'm sure they have a billion other people doing the same so it's rare they would pick
on one person. Even if they did I got you ;v;

And your weeeellcoomee whoa this is like a super late reply PHEW.
Slothiitron Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

whatever your style is it's beautiful and amazing-
Haha yeah for a time I was fixated on drawing more realistic people but then it failed so I crawled back to anime cartoony thingies orz

I have CS6 and I've tried drawing with it but the fact that the undo button is so hidden frustrates me because it's the button I use most XD
I find it's best for pixel art and things.
I can't really see a difference between programs either but when I'm looking at tutorials they always refer to certain brushes and usually I don't have them. My program doesn't even have paint which I think most programs have?? I don't even know
Thank you so much! Someone believing in my art means the world to me ;n;

With the one friend who is a lot more achieved with me I already feel like I have far too much competition ;-;
But ayyy atleast it gives me someone who can give me tips face to face and gives me someone to look up to I guess
Ahaha art is always frustrating, but then that frustration turns into determination! :0

Wow that does sound like competition helped you improve lots.
Must've been the best feeling ever when you found out she had been tracing hahaha
It was an understandable comparison so yes, I good one :iconclappingplz:

Thought out? D: But I have zero idea what I'm doingggggggggg //sulk
Okay, I just don't want to adapt to them so much that I lose sight of what my own style was, you feel me-
I just don't wana piss anyone off orz
Eep thank you so much. You're the best ;u;

My reply was really late too :iconlazycryrollplz:

Laughs because I made a favorite artists section on my page just because I adore you so much orz orz
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