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Tachikawa-High | Chihiro Jueda by Evimo Tachikawa-High | Chihiro Jueda by Evimo

NOTE : Those are studs on his collar, attachable. This was approved by an admin.

Name: Chihiro Jueda
Nickname: Hiro, Chi, Jue

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 16
Grade: First Year
Dormitory: Tamagawa
Club: Cooking

Fizzed beverages - From his gangs he was often used to drinking fizzed soda rather than alcohol beverages, only
having his drink once in a while, his life depended on as long he was in the gang. His only way of survival turned into
a favored drink
Fast Food/ Microwaved food - After returning to school, he had very little time to buy fancy food, his parents were
shocked to see him studying while eating commoners food, the stench of commoners food made them vomit, Chihiro on
the other hand found it very convenient
Messenger bags - After years of telling his colleagues it was a bag for men, he eventually just accepted it as a purse
let the insults in.

Staying late - He found most night owls, selling drugs would creep out when the sun set. His past years of sleeping in
the alleys still lingers.
Realizing his mistakes - He has a habit of making everything perfect, he is highly bothered by his faults.
Discrimination - He is highly discriminated often because of his piercings and dyed hair, he does believe he has changed but his past has not been let go. He is often called gay, he wouldn't say he is completely gay but being judged can take a large and long toll on him.

Off the bat, Chihiro is a social butterfly, but can be intimidated very easily and short tempered. When he is
angry he will stay angry until he has had the time for his snobby butt to realize it's time to forgive. He doesn't
forgive easily and passing out compliments and insults are a challenge, instead he is often very blunt when describing
and absent-minded. When certain situations are brought up he becomes flustered and embarrassed easily. Just
by his expressions Chihiro is a easy to read person, and expresses his emotions vividly. When talking to strangers
he naturally tends to talk about himself and his studies a lot, after knowing him for a while he will open up to others
and stop talking about himself too much. He tends to be very selfish and when he accomplishes something he dares
to tell anyone until he knows he has surpassed someone else in the ranking.


Chihiro grew up in Ueda Japan with high class everything. Often called spoiled even, both parents graduated
and joined the medical field . His future was bright, other than his spoiled and greedy self he was striving to
get better grades, sadly, no matter how experienced of a tutor they hired for Chihiro he would constantly fail
his classes. Other than being at the bottom of his class, his physical capability was as much of a potato's.
Generally staying at the bottom rank of the popularity ladder. No matter the situation he was in he always
grieved for his parents well.
Chihiro was often very quiet and was generous at this point, he never complained too much but it was very
hard to understand what he wanted, when he did he would curl up and shiver, uttering animal noises from time
to time trying to hold in his tears. He was picky iwht his food and refused to eat most of the time, raising him
was very difficult when he didn't have an opinion.
Middle School
Over the course of his middle school years his parents began to scold him because of his bad grades, and his
tutors began to become stricter. This was much too over whelming to continue. After of constant all night studying
he was sleep deprived and had malnutrition, eventually passing his class with a C- His parents had finally disciplined
him for not working hard enough, Chihiro was It was only until now had he learned his lessons and understood how
it really felt to be guilty.
He began to devour and deprieve himself, worked up over a 1.5 GPA, furious at his own actions, he left the Jueda
household and into the streets, one thing led to another ignoring what he had said years ago. Days led to weeks as
his parents grieved over their missing son, where had he gone? He dropped out of school and began to roam the streets
after a domino effect leading him to become a "street thug" joining along his team, shop lifting to buy alcohol beverages.
Chihiro, having a very weak and zero muscle mass ratio he often reject their beverages and instead starved himself. His
abdomen caved in and became so weak he couldn't lift himself up, he became exposed and vulnerable. The police eventually
found him lying on the ground, bare. Similar nose, ey? He was returned home, his parents were still healthy but obviously
hadn't had much sleep. Chihiro learned his lesson big time. After 4 months being missing from home his welcome gift home
was a warm, big slap on the face. His mother was enraged before breaking down, finally seeing her son once again.
Summer before starting Tachikawa High
Chihiro was bed rested til he returned back to health. From this day on he ate, drank and breathe guilt. Promising his
parents to give him one more chance for returning to school, after weeks of negotiation; his parents agreed to send him
off to Tachikawa High private school, spending most of their money for his student tuition. Determined once again to make
his parents proud, and the rest of his school year and lifestyle is surrounded around gaining the approval of his parents.

Additional Info:
-He still sometimes craves for alchohol, even if he is under aged
-Very bad at every other language but Japanese

"I'm sorry."

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